Character Creation Guide

Character must follow the following rules:

  • The stats would be given as follows: 18 16 14 12 10 8. You may allocate it anyway you wish.
  • 2 Traits are allowed, both must be from different category.
  • All but evil alignment are allowed. Unlikely, but I might allow Lawful Evil character, but it must be a darn good reason for choosing this alignment.
  • If you must have a deity, make up your own, or make it similar to a deity that already exist, as this campaign isn’t set in Golarian.
  • There would be no ethnicities difference, and you could make up what you are.
  • If you know additional language, I would give them to you.

Book Allowed:

  • Core Rulebook
  • Advance Player Guide
  • Ultimate Magic
  • Ultimate Combat

If you are using the website then:
All of the core race + Aasimar and Tiefling is allowed.
All Core and Base Class is allowed.

If you truly wish to use a 3rd Party race or class, talk to me first, and if you are persuasive, I’m more likely than not, to allow it.

If there’s any other question, you could ask me too.

Character Creation Guide

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